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CFX Group Information Page..

Forex Trading On Autopilot View CashFX Presentation..

CashFX Free Registration..

CFX Group Information Page...

Forex Trading On Autopilot View CashFX Presentation...

CashFX Free Registration...

About CashFX Group


By combining the best features of trading manually with the benefits of emerging robot trading, CashFX has created a hybrid approach to trading in the Forex arena.

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CashFX has developed bespoke trading bots in-house and they are constantly monitered and adjusted to suit a changing marketplace.

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CashFX achieve a high level of trading performance due to the fact that everything is done in house minimising any reliance on external sources and therefore speeding all processes up.

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Welcome to CFX Global

CashFX Forex Trading On Autopilot

Welcome to the CashFX Global Page, we hope to provide you with plenty of information to review what Forex trading with CashFX is all about and hopefully show you that forex trading on autopilot is made easy.

CashFX offers what we believe to be the easiest way to trade on the foreign exchange with minimum risk and just look at the results for the previous 12 months posted below, they speak for themselves and were achieved totally on autopilot. We have members all around the world and you can join us from anywhere and we will provide support.

This website is meant as a source of information only as we are not qualified to give out investment advice.

I am sure that once you have taken a tour of the page and have watched the full presentation you will see the exciting potential that CashFX represents for the future of Forex trading. If you would like to contact us with any feedback or questions please use the form at the bottom of the page.
Thank You,
CashFX Global

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CashFX Key Features

Why CashFX Group is superior to other Forex trading companies

Due to its innovative hybrid approach CashFX provides a technically advanced solution to Forex trading that is unique.

Proprietary Technology

EA’s and other trading technology is designed exclusively at CFX by our own team of experts. All systems are developed and refined exclusively for CFX member use.

Full Compliance

CashFX is structured to comply with emerging regulations focused on Forex trading. CashFX trade through a fully liscenced and established trading partner "everfx".

Transparent Reporting

Access trade results easily and check CFX historical trade results. WebTV with up to date trade ticker in member back-office! And Copy trade connect you directly to our results.

Layered Security

Our passion is to assist you in your success; however, our technicians also make sure all platforms are protected with state-of-the-art security ensuring long-term results for our global membership.

Useful Information

You only ever need to buy 1 trading pack at the level you feel comfortable with as you are able to withdraw your profits weekly and use them if you wish to upgrade your trading pack to the next level, this will let you work your way up through the different level packs.

There is no ongoing subscriptions or weekly/monthly fees, all costs are taken out as you buy new trading packs and similarly if you have introduced someone else into CashFX, like many large companies you will be rewarded with a finders fee which also is paid to you each and every time they upgrade their trading packs, this can turn into a generous source of income on top of any trading pack profits.

Forex Markets trade 5 days a week and CashFX by trading automatically have been achieving between 5% - 15% weekly returns on trading packs which are paid out every week on a Saturday but of course trading can achieve losses as well as profits and no one should ever trade with money that they cannot afford to lose.

Each trading pack matures once it has achieved 200% of its original value, you can then withdraw your money or purchase another pack. A useful tip is not to wait for the pack to mature but use your weekly profits to upgrade your pack by paying the difference in the pack value before the pack finishes.

CashFX Presentation PDF

Presentación de CFX PDF

Video & Picture Gallery

Here are some useful videos & pictures that will hopefully answer some of your questions.

  • CashFX are a very successful Forex trader using the latest bot technology to offer its customers a easy way into Forex trading

    CashFX Group

    CashFX are a very successful Forex Trader using the latest robot technology to offer its customers an easy way into trading Forex.

  • EverFX are a fully liscenced Forex trading company and are partnered with CashFX


    EverFX are a fully liscenced Forex trading company and are partnered with CashFX.

  • The liscenced Forex trading company partnered with CashFX are a big player in the Forex marketplace and are sponors of Sevilla FC in Spain.

    EverFX partner with CashFX

    The liscenced trading company partnered with CashFX are a big player in the Forex marketplace and are sponors of Sevilla FC in Spain.

  • EverFX Sponsor Sevilla FC

    EverFX Sponsor Sevilla FC

    The Partnership between CFX & EverFX gives confidence in an uncertain world. So the fact that EverFX are a sponsor of Sevilla FC gives further confidence that these companies are compliant and legal.

  • Apart from Forex Trading on autopilot for you, we also teach you how to trade yourself through our academy

    CFX Academy

    Apart from trading for you we also teach you how to trade yourself through our academy.

  • 12 Months Positive Trade Results

    Amazing Trading Track Record

    12 Months Positive Trade Results.

  • Huascar Lopez - CashFX CEO.

    Meet The Team 1

    Huascar Lopez - CashFX CEO.

  • Edwin Abad - VP of Trading Operations

    Meet The Team 2

    Edwin Abad - VP of Trading Operations.

  • The CashFX Team

    Meet The Team 3

    The CashFX Team.


Our Clients
Huascar Lopez

Born in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, educated with very defined values by his father who is a lawyer and his mother who was a university professor. Among his important achievements in the area of crypto and as a trader to date since 2016 he has traded more than one hundred million dollars in operations with record of verifiable success in his transactions, he already has about 5 years of experience in this field.

Founder CashFX CEO

Our Clients
Edwin Abad

Born in the Dominican Republic, and blessed with a strong early hard work ethic, this combined with his early enthusiasm quickly became a forex obsession. He has not stopped pursuing his new passion for forex – only expanded it with his newest business as co-founder of the Cash Forex Group.

Founder VP of Trading Operations

CashFX Group Trading Packs Available

CashFX Group putting Trust into Forex Trading

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CashFX takes an ethical approach to its marketing and if you are interested in registering it is important that you get back to the person who introduced you to the opportunity otherwise you can Register here.

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If you wish to register you will be allocated a CashFX Global leader who will provide you with support and will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Let us know in the form below who you were allocated and we can get them to make contact with you.

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It is FREE to Register, just click below. You do not have to purchase a Trading Pack on Signup.

Elemental Series
$ 300 - 3K
Trading Packs
  • 5 Packs in this Series
  • Academy Packs 90-150-300-600-900
  • Trade Pool Deposits 210-350-700-1400-2100
  • Leadership PV 150-250-500-1000-1500
  • Register
Advanced Series
$ 5K - 20K
Trading Packs
  • 5 Packs in this Series
  • Academy Packs 1500-2100-3000-4500-6000
  • Trade Pool Deposits 3500-4900-7000-10500-14000
  • Leadership PV 2500-3500-5000-7500-10000
  • Register
Supreme Series
$ 30K - 100K
Trading Packs
  • 5 Packs in this Series
  • Academy Packs 9000-12000-15000-21000-30000
  • Trade Pool Deposits 21000-28000-35000-49000-70000
  • Leadership PV 15000-20000-25000-35000-50000
  • Register

Each trading pack matures when it reaches 200%, how long that takes depends on markets and the amount of automated trading success. Any profits are shown daily and paid out weekly. Trading profits vary daily and if they didn't that would be a concern and potentially suspicious.

You can repurchase a pack or upgrade your pack by simply paying the difference from your profits. So in simple terms you only need to buy one pack and keep upgrading to work your way up through the different value packs and so increasing your benefits and profits.

Like all Trading there are risks and you should come in at a level you feel comfortable with, that way you will enjoy the journey much more, that having been said CashFX Group have shown very consistent returns over a long period of time.


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“Earnings may vary depending on the degree of effort employed.
No earnings are guaranteed, and a User is not guaranteed to reach a certain reward level. Past results are not guarantees of future results”.